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i'm thejana. i'm a 17 year old student living in newcastle, england. i was born in sri lanka, but i've lived most of my life in japan and the uk. these are my thoughts and the sights i'm exposed to whilst back here. thanks and please read on...  

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hearmysmile asked: I found your blog super interesting since I was also born in Sri Lanka but have lived in NZ nearly my whole life. I have been back to Sri Lanka a couple of times for holidays, but I'm really keen to go explore the country properly! I've also reached a point in my life where I've become really interested in my heritage and where it fits in with my life, so thanks for sharing your journey :)

haha, no problem :) sri lanka was amazing, and it was nice to see family and friends after a while too. i cant quite figure out how it fits into my life though, although i feel i kinda want to be able to go back there regularly. thank you for following me as well, and perhaps you should blog about it when you do go back? :)

actually this will be my last post here. i started this with the start of summer, hoping to keep track and both share and to be able to reflect back. partly, the reason was to look for some sort of change, and half way in though, i couldnt quite keep up an anonymous blog under such terms, and so feel free to follow me on another social network. anyhow, regrets are a timewaste. this was a very interesting summer, but as it draws to an end, i sort of realise that yeah, the holiday in sri lanka was great and it was beautiful and fun, but that it is only part of my identity… 


this looks rather disgusting, sorry…

this looks rather disgusting, sorry…

Anonymous asked: a pic of yourself?

see below :)

whats a sarong?

okay, one of the best things about sri lanka is the clothing, and actually im talking about sarongs (and if im honest saris are good too, in fact they’re way better if a really fit girl’s wearing it, but anyway)…  

and above is me, showing you that sarongs are in fact the way to go, i was actually given this by my grandad who was rather amused when i told him that i’d be wearing this or nothing for the rest of the hols! anyway stay tuned for more pictures of me and other people in sarongs and saris and whatnot ;) haha

i went to my old nursery school today, st mary’s in matara. kinda remember how i used to skip there, trying to pull him forward by grasping real tight on to my dad’s little finger from where the tuk tuk usually stopped, up the small pebbled alley way to that huge blue-green gate. actually the streets were well paved but the old catholic nursery was still as beautifully weathered as i remembered, quite nostalgic, hehe…


Day Six: Childhood Memory

English was my second language, which I didn’t get to learn until after I started school. Reading English books took even longer to learn. These are the books I grew up with. The first books I could ever kind of read. I would spend hours reading the little bits I could and making up stories for the parts I couldn’t. Little Red Riding Hood was my favorite. I wish I could still read these.

sigiriya: Wild elephants - Minneriya, Sri Lanka

sigiriya: Wild elephants - Minneriya, Sri Lanka

(Source: Guardian)